OptimizationWe are experts in mathematical optimization of energy consumption. If your consumption (technically) or contract (economically) allows flexibility, there is often the possibility for optimization. Our skills in mathematical modelling and optimization can help you to lower cost or maximize profits.

Flexibility is a growing aspect in a more and more volatile energy market. Investments in renewable energy lead to a higher variability of prices at the power market, especially in the spot and intraday market. Even in natural gas markets, price signals from hubs allow for demand response. Industrial consumers of energy can use this to their advantage if they have flexibility, either by decision when to consume the energy or by switching fuel. Together with our clients we develop mathematical models and/or deliver inputs for their prognoses. This allows them to monetize their flexibility.

Further on we focus on optimization of energy contracts, which is often closely connected to our portfolio management services. We help our clients to optimize e their economical flexibility or restrictions, like take-or-pay clauses, clearing mechanisms or balance energy. By that we can reduce cost and/or risks.

Besides that we deliver special purpose solutions of all kinds, e.g. the analysis of wind power parks on spot and balance energy markets or the analysis of commodity price risks on a whole company’s risk position, which allows to derive integrated hedging strategies for a company.

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