Our work brings concrete and demonstrable results for our clients. For this reason, we work efficiently for large, well-known companies. On this page, we will present a brief overview of the structure of our customers’ companies and our areas of activity. On request, we are happy to provide you with personal references.

Corporate group; listed company (several billion Euros turnover), with production sites on 3 continents

Energy consumption: 1,000 - 2,000 GWh of gas, 500 - 1,000 GWh of electricity We support the company in the exchange of long-term supply contracts through to market access and the renegotiation of existing contracts. We are developing an appropriate, risk-driven procurement strategy and support the company's portfolio management and hedging for the production sites. Furthermore, we are constantly available as external experts in a number of areas; from the purchase or sale of renewable energy certificates to power supply issues right through to the coal trade.

Corporate group; privately owned with manufacturing facilities in Central and Eastern Europe

Energy consumption: 500 - 1000 GWh of gas, 500 - 1000 GWh of electricity, 1 - 5 million tonnes of CO2 We are developing a strategy for the procurement of electricity, gas, coal and CO2 and ensure that the decisions agreed upon by the top management are implemented. In our role, we act as an outsourced energy procurement department and are responsible for compliance with the given risk limits and the balancing of energy positions. Our services also include implementing invitations to tender and the constant adjustment of supply contracts as well as the purchasing of standard products.

Corporate group; publically owned and of national importance in Eastern Europe

Volume of energy: Many, many TWh of gas In these times of a hub-based natural gas market and international gas trading points, the tying of natural gas import contracts to a basket of oil products has come under pressure. Many large European gas importers are, therefore, trying to renegotiate their long-term gas import contracts. With our knowledge of the structure of the European gas market, we support our customers (a major gas importer for an EU Member State) in arbitration proceedings and get to the point with arguments that are backed by figures.

Trader training at Energy Exchange Austria (EXAA)

As part of the multi-day training for admission to be a trader at Energy Exchange Austria (EXAA TEEM), we teach the participants in the modules "International Electricity Trading," "International Gas Trading" and "The Marketing of Green Electricity".

More information is found at http://www.exaa.at/de/teem.

Industrial company; a subsidiary of an international group

Energy consumption: 300 - 800 GWh of gas, 250 - 500 GWh We are working on a strategy for market-based procurement of gas and ensure its implementation. We are breaking new ground in terms of the procurement structure and contracts. This gives the company the possibility of long-term portfolio management on the international gas exchange. In the procurement of electricity, based on the influence of the company’s load profile, we are developing the best strategy to balance cost optimization. In addition, we are focusing on market-based mechanisms with Hedging possibilities on liquid futures markets.

Industrial cooperation for natural gas procurement in South East Europe

Energy consumption: 1,100 GWh of gas We advise the group on gas procurement, which has improved as a result of the third internal energy market package. The aim is to reduce costs through the creation of market access to international gas trading points. Our activities range from comments on drafts of new laws, through to preparing invitations to tender and on to portfolio management and contract negotiations for individual participants.

Wind farm operators in Central Europe

With our help, an operator of wind turbines, whose plants have partly lost their funding, is managing to sell his electricity production directly on the market. Through active portfolio management, revenues can be secured long-term. In addition, thanks to direct sales, 100% of the proceeds are credited to the producer. Insights into the influence of the location on the total return of the wind farm can also be taken into account when considering new sites.

Service company in Western Europe

Energy consumption: 20 - 50 GWh of electricity In addition to the purchase of electricity, we advise the company on the ecological sustainability of their position through the purchase of renewable energy and carbon offsets.

Venture capital funds in the energy sector

We support the fund management as external experts in the assessment of the business model and processes involved in potential investments in companies in the sustainable energy industry.
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