Energy supply contracts are often long and complex. As an independent team of experts, we support you in the event of damage or dispute in the evaluation of scope. We point you towards the right arguments which can help you to substantiate your position and settle the dispute.

Are you are an expert in renewable energy but don’t have the time to focus on energy management framework conditions e.g. trading opportunities and risks? Is the calculation of your production’s market value not accurate enough for you? Are you unable to guarantee a plant’s planned contribution margin for the next few years?

As the era of feed-in subsidies comes to an end (or in the meantime, as was the case in Germany with the market premium), electricity producers are becoming active players in the energy management market. The associated opportunities and risks are diverse and, for each primary energy, there is a different optimum sales strategy. The challenge of fluctuating wind power and photovoltaics production exists in a heat-guided operation for a biomass power plant. All agree, however, that the long-term management of production (and consequently the revenues) has nothing to do with the specific charactersistics of their system, but can be consciously controlled and risk-based. So the question once again is: Can you say what your revenues for the year 2015 will be, even in the absence of fixed remuneration?

We are experts in the sales of renewable energies and know all about the specific characteristics of wind and PV systems, right down to the last detail. We are happy to support you in the strategic sale process for years to come; from the forecast to the daily scheduling. Whether you want or have to give your sales a trade-related basis, we are the right people to speak to – people who put heart and soul into their work! Your contact persons Stefan Kastner and Manuel Giselbrecht are happy to help you. Simply get in touch with us without any obligation.

An overview of some of our activites:
- Setting up a sales strategy process
- Assistance with risk-conscious portfolio management
- Evaluation of different market opportunities and risks
- Support for or carrying out of invitations to tender
- Evaluation of tenders

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