We analyze developments in the energy market on a regular basis, using data and pricing models from providers that we consider to be valuable. With our know-how, we also deal with specific issues for our customers, such as the choice of location for power stations or production plants.

Our analyses and forecasts can support your decisions. Since the beginning of liberalization, we have been working on detailed anyalyses of markets and market rules.

As a result, we are in a position to assess individual, complex tasks and identify the relevant parameters at the same time. Secondly, we try to help our clients to be better prepared for decisions that have a long-term impact and answer the fundamental energy management questions e.g. the choice of location for the industry or power station. Thirdly, using certain models, we try to derive sales opportunities for energy procurement or sales and make price forecasts that are sustainable.

We use the data and pricing models from those providers that we have found, over the past 14 years, to be valuable. The efficiency of our research work is also based on the continual checking of the results of our activity on the trade market and seeing which prices are really attainable.

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