PPA Evaluation Tool: IRIS

Independent Renewable Information Service

In a nutshell

“IRIS is your online tool for the long-term, Europe-wide market value assessment of renewable energy projects and PPAs”.

IRIS is an online tool designed to support you in finding a market-based value of renewable energy projects all around Europe. At its heart, IRIS uses a large amount of historical data on renewable energy generation and a well-established long-term fundamental model of European energy markets which specifically incorporates the effects of the further build-out of renewables until 2050. Combining this with daily updated future prices of the European power markets, IRIS provides you with a consistent assessment framework to make well-founded decisions.



  • Capture rates & and prices: Compare the value of technology-specific generation profiles to traded baseload prices
  • PPAs: Get reliable estimates for the market value of Power Purchase Agreements
  • Balancing energy costs: Estimate the costs for balancing energy for different technologies
  • Historical Data: Overview of the historical development of installed capacity and actual generation of the various technologies in each country
  • Forecast until 2050: supported by a long-term-fundamental model

Fields of application

Basis for your investment decision

We provide developers with a daily updated valuation of renewable energy projects considering their entire lifecycle.

Find the market based value for a PPA

PPAs are usually concluded for a period that extends beyond the available future prices. With our long-term forecast, PPA contracts of 10 years or longer find an objective basis for negotiations.

Valuate your renewables portfolio correctly

The high volatility of future prices put a severe challenge to portfolio– and risk managers. By using IRIS, valuate your renewable generation portfolio on a daily basis and manage your risks accordingly.

Markets & Technologies

IRIS offers you renewable energy evaluations throughout the majority of Europe‘s energy markets and renewable energy technologies.


Yearly subscription model

– Configurable to your requirements

– Subscribe for the markets you operate in

– Unlimited evaluations for all supported renewable energy technologies

– Including a consultancy workshop tailored to your needs


Individual PPA-assessment on demand

– Receive your PPA-assessment as an individual service


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