Expertise and markets

Energy is our passion and we are renowned experts for energy markets and energy supply contracts. Our main focus is on wholesale trading of electricity, natural gas and CO2-certificates, but we also monitor the markets for coal and crude oil in order to assess their impact on other markets. Our regional focus is on Central and Eastern Europe, but we manage portfolios in almost all European countries and the US. International customers appreciate, above all, our transnational competencies for varying general conditions.

Market commentary april 2020

In mid-February 2016, the oil price reached a low point at just under USD 30/bbl, exceeded USD 83/bbl (Y+1) in summer 2018 and now stands at USD 56/bbl (Brent Month Ahead). Uncertainty about the short-term decline in consumption is high. “We should take the corona virus seriously, but not be afraid,” say the statements of Western politicians. At the same time, the majority of market participants believe that the oil supply will increase in 2020. This expectation is strengthened by the current growing concerns about the development of consumption, because economic growth is judged to be weaker globally even without the coronavirus.

We are Inercomp

What we do

We support companies dealing with energy markets and complex energy supply contracts. These are primarily energy-intensive industrial companies or operators of green power plants. Also smaller energy consumers, power producers and energy suppliers rely on our expertise.

Who we are

Each one of our approximately 20 team members has expert knowledge in certain areas of the energy industry. Together we form a team that covers the entire spectrum of the energy industry. We are particularly united by our shared values of independence, sustainability and transparency.

Algorithmic power trading

Do you already know our expert for trading on electricity intraday markets? Our PowerBot, a state-of-the-art web service, supports you in setting up your algorithmic trading on electricity intraday markets.

Take care of defining and developing your trading strategies while we take care of the rest – or use our expertise for developing trading strategies. If you are interested in more information about our flexible and cost-effective Algotrader, please visit our product homepage.


Die Umrechnung von Energieeinheiten und Energiepreisen zwischen verschiedenen Systemen ist manchmal ganz schön kompliziert. Unser Rechner hilft Ihnen dabei.